Isla de Frederico

Text reads:
April 22

Last Sunday I met with the beggar. He gave me directions to a place where he said they had taken E & S. We shall leave tomorrow. Jaspar has secured a boat and Lilly is setting by provisions.


A man with information

Text reads:
April 10 2013
Today we were stopped by a mendicant—this city is full of beggars! But this man was very fierce and told us that he knew how to find what I had lost.
I am to meet him on Sunday at the Rue de Gas in a hidden (but public) garden. Jaspar is, of course, against it, but I will take Lilly with me, and a weapon as well.
I must find Esmé and Sapphora!


An afternoon portrait

Text reads:
April 9
Today I visited with Ida Zucker. She insisted that  I draw her portrait. I attempted a drawing. She was happy with the sketch and would like to commission a painting, but I am much too fretful about missing Esmé and Sapphora. Ida said she would ask some discrete questions tonight at the Count's dinner party.


Unhappy sighting

Text reads:
April 8
I've seen him! Count Pettipah, here on the island. I've drawn his face as best I an remember and shown the sketch to Jaspar and Lilly.
They have been looking for any man with a tri-forked beard, but so far no luck.
Tomorrow, I lunch with Ida Zucker.


Street Views

Text reads:
April 5
I had forgotten how much I hate this place. Hot, unpleasant, noisy. But all we can do now is wait for information on my Sapphora and dear Esmé.
April 6
Still waiting. I watch this street, every day, hoping for a sign regarding my 2 lost dear ones. Jaspar searches every day, asking about in the shops and alleys.



April 2
Back of scrap reads: Oh sorrowful day. Dear Esmé and Sapphora have disappeared on the island. I fear for their safety, but I know they are together and can keep each other safe. We are searching!


A family scene

April 1
Spent day shopping. While taking my tea, spotted this little family sharing a small beer. I wonder why parents give their children beer?